The Hands-Down Best Place to Advertise Your Business

advertise-Jireh Communications-audio visual-printing-video production-web designAccording to Ad Age, there are scores of companies that spend over $500 million each year on advertising. Firms like Kohl’s, General Motors, AT&T, Apple, Amazon and more.

In fact, you might say that we live in a nation of advertisers.  Even people not the least bit interested in football will gather around the television during the Super Bowl to see which company has the most creative and fun commercial.

While advertising serves it purpose, most advertising dollars are wasted. And while the American public may […]

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5 Tips for Using Competitive Differentiators to Build Your Business Brand

Are you effectively using competitive differentiators to stand out from the crowd and win customers? Can you or your sales team clearly explain to customers why your business is different from the competition and why this should matter to them (i.e. the “so what” factor)?

-Jireh Communications-Competitive DifferentiatorsHere are some tips for incorporating your differentiators into your sales and marketing strategy.

1. Examine Your Differentiators and What They Mean to Your Customers
Very few businesses can sell and survive on a price differentiator alone. And even if your business […]

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Networking 101

networking-Jireh CommunicationsNetworking is an inexpensive way of searching for customers, suppliers and people who can help grow your business.  Networking is all about building relationships, building trust and giving and receiving referrals.  Here are some helpful ways to accelerate your success in networking:

First impressions.  The old adage you can’t judge a book by its cover doesn’t work in making first impressions.  When meeting someone for the first time you have three seconds to make that first impression.  Within the first three seconds even if it is just a […]

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Keeping Customers

Keeping Customers with Good Customer Service

Successful companies provide proactive customer service. Proactive customer service leads to increased business and loyalty. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

customer-service Jireh CommunicationsBe a double checker
Customers appreciate it when a sales representative takes a minute to check on an item they’ve asked for. It lets them know they’re being listened to and cared for.

Do something extra
Average service is about meeting the customer’s expectations. Great customer service is exceeding it. Give your customers more than they expect, and they’ll […]

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10 Tips to Help Improve Your Business

  1. Improve your business - Jireh CommunicationsTake care of your health. Schedule that physical exam you’ve been putting off and make sure you get exercise and take care of any personal issues that are troubling you.
  2. Keep positive. Hold the big picture in your sights. What’s gloomy for one can be a gold mine for another.
  3. Project a consistent polished professional image, in order to send the message to the world that the quality of your product and/or service.
  4. Keep abreast of trends in your industry by joining professional associations, attending conferences, and reading newsletters […]
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Right Attitude

The Right Attitude Gives You an
Edge Over the Competition

no-limits-Jireh-CommunicationsWhat’s important to the success of small-business owners and entrepreneurs? Knowledge, skill and talent.

However, many competitors have the same traits you do. The key to beating the competition and achieving success is mental, reflected in one’s attitude, totally controlled by the individual and requires no cash. This holds true in most human endeavors besides business — in sports, the arts and politics.

How many times have we seen the underdog team or player win over the more talented opponent? The difference is often attitude.

Have passion for […]

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