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10 Tips to Help Improve Your Business

  1. Improve your business - Jireh CommunicationsTake care of your health. Schedule that physical exam you’ve been putting off and make sure you get exercise and take care of any personal issues that are troubling you.
  2. Keep positive. Hold the big picture in your sights. What’s gloomy for one can be a gold mine for another.
  3. Project a consistent polished professional image, in order to send the message to the world that the quality of your product and/or service.
  4. Keep abreast of trends in your industry by joining professional associations, attending conferences, and reading newsletters […]
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Pre-sell Your Prospects

business-call-my trusted prosEverywhere in business you hear about the importance of having a website to showcase your products or services.  And yes, your website is incredibly important because it can help pre-sell your prospects since many business buying cycles begin on-line. But marketers say that more than 90 percent of website traffic isn’t ready to buy yet—but 70 percent will buy eventually.

Once they express interest and contact you, nothing beats getting that potential client on the phone to have some real dialogue and learn about their specific needs.  These “get […]

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Right Attitude

The Right Attitude Gives You an
Edge Over the Competition

no-limits-Jireh-CommunicationsWhat’s important to the success of small-business owners and entrepreneurs? Knowledge, skill and talent.

However, many competitors have the same traits you do. The key to beating the competition and achieving success is mental, reflected in one’s attitude, totally controlled by the individual and requires no cash. This holds true in most human endeavors besides business — in sports, the arts and politics.

How many times have we seen the underdog team or player win over the more talented opponent? The difference is often attitude.

Have passion for […]

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Reaching Your Goals

Motivation - Jireh CommunicationsThe secret to staying consistent with your goals is to stay motivated. That means finding ways to fire yourself up on a daily basis. Being inspired at a seminar, while reading a book, or talking to a dynamic speaker is easy. But what happens when you’re on your own? To follow through on that burst of motivation and reach the finish line, you need regular booster shots. Give yourself those little positive reminders that you have a job to do and a good reason for doing it. What’s pushing […]

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