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Three Top Marketing Trends

The first quarter of 2016 is now in the history books, your taxes have (hopefully) been paid and business owners are gearing up for the coming summer and fall. So, what are some of the small business marketing trends for the rest of the year?

Millennials will continue driving a mobile mentality in 2016. “The increasing influence of the millennial generation – a group that prefers quick, immediate interactions via mobile devices – is expected to significantly impact the way small businesses approach customer engagement in 2016,” says Jon Zimmerman, CEO and founder of Front-Desk. “Service businesses, in particular, must be […]

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Tips and Tricks to Keep Yourself Motivated

Keeping motivated to achieve our goals is something I have become much more familiar with.  With each new goal that I set, and in turn achieve, I become more motivated and confident that I can accomplish the next goal. The fueling power of accomplished goals is so powerful, that it actually provides you energy to tackle the next one you set for yourself.  Here are 7 tips and tricks to keep yourself motivated and help you stay on track.

  1. Visualize It – It’s important to get your goals written down – whether that be on paper, or electronically, it’s something that keeps […]
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Promotional Products WORK!

Promotional products are unparalleled in their ability to attract new clients, increase brand awareness and ultimately grow your business.

They are a proven, cost effective way of marketing your company to an extremely large audience while doing minimal work.

1.) Opening Lines of Communication – The law of reciprocity: Give, and you shall receive.

More often than not, giving a gift or item to an individual promotes a feeling that he/she should reciprocate for your kind gesture. In terms of promotional products, the giving of a product to someone else will make him or her more likely to do business with you.

Research found […]

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Networking 101

networking-Jireh CommunicationsNetworking is an inexpensive way of searching for customers, suppliers and people who can help grow your business.  Networking is all about building relationships, building trust and giving and receiving referrals.  Here are some helpful ways to accelerate your success in networking:

First impressions.  The old adage you can’t judge a book by its cover doesn’t work in making first impressions.  When meeting someone for the first time you have three seconds to make that first impression.  Within the first three seconds even if it is just a […]

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Why Use Promotional Products

  • promotional products-Jireh CommunicationsAccording to a Georgia Southern University study to see the reaction of consumers who received a business gift. Those who received a promotional product had a significantly higher positive image and perception of the company than those who did not receive a promotional product. Those who received the promotional product were more inclined to recommend the business to others than those who did not receive a promotional product.
  • An earlier study by Georgia Southern University showed the benefits of promotional products at tradeshows, confirmed that 71.6% of recipients of a […]
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Keeping Customers

Keeping Customers with Good Customer Service

Successful companies provide proactive customer service. Proactive customer service leads to increased business and loyalty. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

customer-service Jireh CommunicationsBe a double checker
Customers appreciate it when a sales representative takes a minute to check on an item they’ve asked for. It lets them know they’re being listened to and cared for.

Do something extra
Average service is about meeting the customer’s expectations. Great customer service is exceeding it. Give your customers more than they expect, and they’ll […]

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5 Tips to Improve Web Traffic

web traffic-Jireh CommunicationsHere is a list of what are some of the tools that have proven to be successful for small business to improve web traffic.

1) Use Videos on Your Website The advantage that small and local business have over large chains is your personality. Therefore create videos so that your customers can meet you before they hire or buy something from you.

There are three types of videos that are working best:

  1.  Introduction videos – “meet you”
  2. Testimonials – It is more believable for your customers to brag about your […]
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Benefits of Email Marketing

1. It works – 66% of online American have bought something as a result of receiving a marketing message via email. That’s more than 3 times that of Facebook (20%), and more than 4 times (16%) that of text.

2. It’s cost-effective – according to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing brought in $40.56 for every $1 spent.email markteting - Jireh Communications

3. It strengthens relationships, loyalty, & trust – With email marketing, you are effectively building one-on-one relationships with current and potential customers. Well-written, engaging e-newsletters and […]

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Growing Your Business

targetGood business begins with good marketing because even the best product or service won’t sell itself. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to give yourself an edge over the competition. The National Federation of Business has these suggestions:

Ramp Up The Reviews: Legitimate, online reviews matter to other potential customers. Sites such as stik.com help you set up a “review funnel” that channels customers to evaluate your product or service.

Improve The Visual Appeal: We live in a visual age and the best marketing helps people think in terms of […]

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Top Three Marketing Trends

The first quarter of 2014 has come and gone, taxes have been paid and business owners are gearing up for the summer and beyond. But what are the small business marketing trends that will continue this year?

John Follis, writing in Small Business Trends, says Social Media, Mobile Devices and Online Video will remain hot, even though Social Media has fallen from the top spot to number three.

Social Media has lost some of its luster because it is becoming less attractive for small businesses. In an article last year entitled, “Why Small Businesses Are Losing On Social Media,” Forbes Magazine reported on […]

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